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MALUI Western lowland gorilla female 'Malui' walking through a cloud of butterflies she has disturbed in a bai. Bai Hokou, Dzanga Sangha Special Dense Forest Reserve, Central African Republic. December 2011. © Anup Shah/TNC Photo Contest 2021

Несколько победителей конкурса Photo Contest 2021

FIREFLIES Just before Monsoon, these fireflies congregate in certain regions of India and on a few special trees like this one, they are in crazy quantity which can range in millions. © Prathamesh Ghadekar/TNC Photo Contest 2021

LIFE COLOUR Lush green mangroves line the mud flats accentuated by the tidal waters and months of rain filling the artesian basin. Gulf of Carpentaria in tropical north Queensland. © Scott Portelli/TNC Photo Contest 2021

FISHING Pike has caught a large perch. How did it end up? I don’t know. The situation hasn’t changed much in an hour. I had to emerge because I was running out of air. © Viktor Vrbovsky/TNC Photo Contest

SERRA DO MAR In a helicopter flight through the sea mountain range, I came across this white cloud cover, which resulted in this magnificent image that resembles the head of a dinosaur. © Denis Ferreira Netto/TNC Photo Contest 2021

WILDEBEEST HERD ON THE MOVE Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya. During the frenzy of crossing the Mara River, the wildebeests were leaping, kicking, scampering and bucking. © Anup Shah/TNC Photo Contest 2021

SAND STORM A guide in the Sahara Desert enduring a sand storm. © Tom Overall/TNC Photo Contest 2021

SUNFLOWERS This year due to a high water level a giant field of sunflowers could not been mown. In winter it attracted thousands of different species of birds. © Mateusz Piesiak/TNC Photo Contest 2021

A TURBULENT SWIM Five male cheetahs, were looking to cross this river in powerful currents. It seemed a task doomed to failure and we were delighted when they made it to the other side. © Buddhilini de Soyza/TNC Photo Contest 2021

SUMMER ON THE LOTUS POND The lotus ponds across Vietnam are entering the growing season, flourishing. © Manh Cuong Vu/TNC Photo Contest 2021

WINTER Iceland, 2019. © Man Wai Wong/TNC Photo Contest 2021

COVID-19 WASTE New danger to underwater life as medical waste used during the pandemic reaches the seas. © Sebnem Coskun/TNC Photo Contest 2021

WATER Water and people. © Kazi Arifujjaman/TNC Photo Contest 2021

THE WAY HOME In Yunnan, China. May 2021. © Minqiang Lu/TNC Photo Contest 2021

SEARCHING Orangutans are accustomed to live on trees and feed on wild fruits like lychees, mangosteens, and figs, and slurp water from holes in trees. © Thomas Vijayan/TNC Photo Contest 2021

SAVING ORANGUTANS The whole SOCP team works together to prepare Brenda, an estimated 3-month-old female orangutan (she has no teeth yet), for surgery. © Alain Schroeder/TNC Photo Contest 2021

HONG KONG At Hung Hom, the rising of full moon could be found every month thanks to its facing the east. © Kim-pan Dennis Wong/TNC Photo Contest 2021

DROUGHT Carcass of a Pantanal alligator (Caiman yacare) in the dry soil on the banks of the Transpantaneira highway, municipality of Poconé (Mato Grosso). © Daniel De Granville Manço/TNC Photo Contest 2021

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