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A raven mask, used by the indigenous Tlingit people in Alaska

Фотограф Chris Rainier. Ритуальные маски

Mud masks used in tribal on the island of New Guinea

The project focuses largely on remote tribal cultures, but the portraits also feature more familiar costumes such as this Japanese samurai

Deer masks photographed by Rainier in the Mustang region of Nepal

black buffalo mask used in a dance ritual by the native American Pueblo people in Ohkay Owingeh, New Mexico

During a classical Indian dance known as a "kathakali," participants combine elaborate masks and costumes with face painting

At a ritual performance known as a "theyyam" in Kerala, India, red masks and costumes are used to represent a deity

Rainier has captured ritual masks across West Africa, including this one from the Yorubaland region of Benin

A ritual mask from southern Sri Lanka that represents a powerful demon with nest of cobras atop its head.

A mask used by Buddhists in Paro, Bhutan


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